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Episode 17 - The "Time" Has Come

Welcome to Leaders Podcast, a hard-hitting listening experience aimed at exploring the views of our globe’s most powerful leaders. We are two working Americans , Ben and John, who have built this podcast from the ground up in order to introduce our nations foremost leaders and leading ideas to the public. We don't care if they lead a country, a business, a cult, a gang or a trend, if they have the chops to lead fellow Americans, then their good enough for our pod.

It's about time our great nation finally had unfettered access to the mysterious gods that walk among us as our leaders. How did they get into a position of influence? What are they planning? What secrets are they hiding? Are they REALLY who they say they are?  it questions such as these that The Leaders Podcast (TLP) aims to answer.  

Happy listening and we strongly encourage you to contact us with guest ideas as well as your thoughts on the show.


Ben and John.