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Dear Mr. Beaman,

I am writing to express my desire to obtain the position of Sales Associate with (Real Estate Firm). I seek employment with your firm because I strongly believe that my proven sales ability, determination to obtain a career in commercial real estate sales as well as my ardent work ethic, provides me with the mix of skill and attitude necessary to thrive with (Real Estate Firm).

As of February 15 of this year in my current role as a public insurance adjuster, I have signed over $8.9 million in insurance claims since July of 2016, and hold a company wide sales lead of $3 million. Prior to my current position, I was working for the Austin based law firm, (Law Firm), as a business development and client communications specialist, specifically assigned to NFL Concussion settlement. I was responsible for creating television, radio and marketing strategies as well as contacting prospective clients and selling them on our services. In my time at the law firm I achieved a lead conversion rate of 77%. My handling of the NFL Concussion Settlement prompted my former as well as current boss, (Lawyer), to offer me the position I currently hold with (Public insurance adjusting firm), LLC. In my current position I have had the opportunity to sign numerous clients who work in commercial real estate sales, and after taking advantage of their knowledge and doing extensive research I have become determined to enter the field.

As a public insurance adjuster I have been responsible for generating my own leads, ensuring customer satisfaction through effective client communication, CRM maintenance and most importantly, closing deals. Waking up early and going to bed late in pursuit of the biggest sales and best deals is what I live for and have effectively translated that love of the hunt into a successful career. It is my love of sales and strong desire to obtain a career in commercial real estate sales that makes (Real Estate Firm) an extremely appealing potential employer. The fact that (Real Estate Firm) has consistently out performed its competitors by providing the best commercial real estate services available, makes Summit Commercial the ideal organization to build my career with.

I recently finished my 180 hours of state required real estate courses and will have passed the TREC exam before the end of this month. I would be very grateful for the opportunity to further discuss my qualifications so you can determine as to whether you think I am the right candidate to join your firm. I am available at your convenience and greatly appreciate your time and consideration.


Ben Potesky