Episode 3 - Seth Shostak and Michael Menkin


In the very first The Leaders Podcast "Royal Science Rumble", we interview two former NASA scientists, Seth Shostak and Michael Menkin, separately. Seth Shostak is currently the Senior Astronomer for the SETI Institute and is the former Director of Center for SETI Research. Michael Menkin is a former NASA engineer and the creator of the Thought Screen Helmut/Hat, which he claims can protect you from an evil alien race which is currently attempting to conquer the earth. Tune in. 

Episode 2 - Daniel Genis

Daniel Genis is a writer, journalist and thinker whose work has been published in numerous publications such as Vice, Deadspin, The Washington Post and he has been featured in NPR as well as numerous other outlets. His upcoming book, The Last Beat: An Incarcerated Decade in 1046 Books, describes his ten years in prison and is named for the 1046 he read while incarcerated.